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because there's just too many of us to all get in line
27th-Jun-2011 09:33 pm - Twitter!
Looks like Rupert's on twitter! 


11th-Feb-2011 09:27 pm - Company Review!
Good Company But It Outstays Its Welcome

Rating: 3/5

To the Southwark Playhouse, set underneath the arches by London Bridge railway station. The place smells of damp and trains rumble overhead. Ah, the joys of fringe theatre. Stephen Sondheim’s Company is one of his louder, more insistent offerings — or perhaps the six-piece band was just blasting out the tunes to disguise the train noises. The story concerns a 35-year-old New York city bachelor, Bobby (Rupert Young), who finds his thoughts turning to matrimony. Not that he has a leading candidate. He is just afraid not to get married. Bobby’s various married friends (it’s a big cast, mostly divvied into couples) urge him on. But why? The various wives seem to love Bobby. The husbands envy him his independence. And yet they, too, want him to marry. At times it feels like a musical version of a Woody Allen film. 

The evening could do with some cutting. The stark ­staging leaves behind the ­Seventies and places the action firmly in the 21st century. It might be slightly more fun if they had done it in period ­costume with more colour. 

Mr Young’s Bobby looks a scruffy fellow to me, yet he sings blamelessly enough. 

The evening’s best moment is when Cassidy Janson sings Getting Married Today, full of astonishingly quickfire lines with trademark Sondheim wit.

The most touching song is Sorry Grateful, which captures some of the bittersweet nature of love, its many rewards and its occasional sacrifices. 

In the end, Bobby and his friends come down firmly on the side of marriage, for its company and its life-affirming potential. If they could only find a way of doing that 20 minutes sooner, the show would be improved.

Source: Daily Mail
9th-Dec-2010 09:32 pm - MERLIN - S3 - Picspam - 3.13
Dw: Ten and Rose in Camelot
Part One & Part Two (it was too big to fit in one...)

The first part is where all the Leon's at XD
Rupert (and Angel Coulby) attended La Soiree's 'Christmas Soiree' which took place in London at the South Bank of the Thames yesterday. I'm pretty sure that Angel and Bradley have Rupert on some sort of rota or time-share.

Source: Adoring Angel Coulby
29th-Nov-2010 01:23 am - You're probably sick of me, but...
Merlin: x Gwen
 I did a few (I say a few...) picspams of 3.12 and there are three that are Leon focused.

(If you've commented on anything of mine I will get around to replying soon,  just between RL and Merlin the last few days, I am exhausted and shall sleep looooonnnnggg before I attempt to get back to any of you.)

Preview (this one is my second favorite):

IDK if this is a spoiler so...lets put this behind a cut to be sureCollapse )

Found HEREthe_42nd_minute 
[picspam tag pretty please?]
27th-Nov-2010 11:51 pm - Meeting Rupert Memorabilia Report!
Birmingham Memorabilia Report

CamelotCast have released their latest episode. This is particularly exciting because I'M ON IT. And so is [info]purely_distelWe were guests invited to discuss our experiences at the Birmingham Memorabilia event last Saturday wherein we actually met Rupert Young and Angel Coulby. I SHOOK RUPERT'S HAND. I should also mention that seeing him in person is when my obsession truly began. He is bloody gorgeous in real life.

In our segment in the podcast we talk about the overall event, what it was like meeting Rupert and Angel, and we also talk about Merlin stuffs in general.

You can download it here (right click, save) or stream here. Or you can subscribe on itunes for free.

In the next few days I'm also planning on posting a zip of all the Rupert-related photos I took on the day for general consumption. *points to picture above* That's a taster. Very tasty indeed.
27th-Nov-2010 08:58 pm - Sir Leon In Awesome Latest Episode
So you may have seen tonight's episode of Merlin "The Coming of Arthur Part 1". If you did you may have noticed one small thing...




Also, trailer for next week!

27th-Nov-2010 07:30 pm - Merlin S3 Finale, and S4 and S5 News
Merlin S3 Finale, and S4 and S5 News

You've probably read this elsewhere by now, but I thought I'd flag it up in case you haven't. It does involve (in a roundabout way) our Rupert after all! An interview was released on the SFX website earlier today with Merlin producer Julian Murphy. I've cut out the particularly pertinent parts:

On 3.12 and 3.13:

"The last two are very special episodes because probably there are more crucial moments from the legend in them than in any other,” he tells us. “In episode 13 there are three or four absolutely iconic moments.”

“The changes that happen in 12 and 13 are bigger than anything we have ever done before. Real game changing stuff. And they set up the direction that series four is going in. You get a good glimpse of the future.”

So, will Arthur finally discover that Merlin is a sorcerer? Murphy remains tight-lipped. “I’m not going to tell you what happens, which is really what you’re asking. But I will say I think people will be surprised at the direction the story takes.”

On series 4:

Talking of series four, Murphy reveals why it has will only be 10 episodes long as opposed to the usual 13.

“It was brutally about money,” he admits. “Merlin is an expensive show, no question of that. And what we are not prepared to do is cut its budget or production values. It’s not a programme you can do that with. For us, Merlin relies on those production values. So I think it was a combination of our desire not to change or reduce the budget, and the lack of money at the BBC and elsewhere. The BBC has had a really tough hit."

On series 5:

“We are now discussing the fifth series with the BBC, and I think it potentially preserves the programme for longer yes. There is talks of specials, there is talk about ways we can fill in the gap, but these are tough times for British broadcasters.”

You can read the whole article here.

Sounds exciting! Dare we hope Sir Leon will be involved in any of these iconic moments?
Merlin: Leon the Lion
I've been busy over the last day or so, again this is more stuff for rupertsharem  - and tbh it was probably better to get this out of my system, so I can get back to the girls XD

I had to separate it into three posts, just coz it would have taken FOREVER to load.

Click if you're curious how different one man, in one pic can look just by cropping differently.

118 ICONS & 1 BANNER ------>


28 BANNERS, COLOUR ------>

17 BANNERS, B&W ------>

And some for here especially (I couldn't resist, you so don't have to use them I was just messing around - as I do)
20 something Comm specific icons...Collapse )

(Lovely Mods could I have a banner tag?)
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